Leroy's Place is an art company based on the illustration/design work of Serene Bacigalupi. Currently operated out of New Orleans, Leroy's Place is the umbrella for a whimsical collection of original art, film, puppetry, clothing, and gifts.

Leroy's Place was imagined in 2007 when Serene debuted a collection of her "Monster Makeover" paintings. In this endearing, on-going series, vintage paintings are given new life with original characters drawn directly onto the paintings using pen and paint pen. Some characters repeat, but almost every painting features a new original character. These makeovers have become known for their unique quality of having a single frame narrative within each painting.

In new projects, Leroy's Place has partnered with renowned puppet artist Jacques Duffourc along with an incredible creative team to take the existing narrative paintings, and bring them to life through short films (and performances) in puppetry. As of Feb 2017, we are currently screening our first film at film festivals, and have just finished shooting our second short film.

A strong influence of graffiti and street art has always been the thread that follows our work. For Leroy's Place, street art and street style go hand in hand.

In addition to a large collection of prints and products of the art work, Leroy's Place also has a every-growing irreverent collection of acrylic jewelry, t-shirts, and gifts all designed by Serene and produced by her small team in New Orleans, LA. Please inquire for full Stockist list.

COMING SOON! Look out for an entire clothing line of organic cotton street wear launching in Fall 2017!!!