Leroy's Place is a small collaborative art company creating a whimsical collection of original art, film, puppetry, clothing, and gifts. Shop the whole Leroy’s Place collection at our brick and mortar space in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Leroy's Place was imagined in 2007 when illustrator, Serene Bacigalupi, debuted a collection of her "Monster Makeover" paintings. In this endearing, on-going series, vintage paintings are given new life with original characters drawn directly onto the paintings using pen and paint pen.

In 2015, Serene partnered with puppet artist Jacques Duffourc and fabric artist Whitney Raynor, to take the existing narrative paintings and bring them to life through sculpture and puppetry. As a collective, Leroy’s Place has created two short films, and has ongoing collections of original sculpture and art.

In addition to a collection of prints based on the original art, Leroy's Place also has an pun-filled collection of handmade jewelry, t-shirts, and gifts all designed and produced in house with a small team.


Pictured: Jacques Duffourc (Sculptor), Whitney Raynor (Fabric Artist), Serene Bacigalupi (Illustrator/Owner), Caitlin Davis (Production/Studio Manager)