JUST RELEASED! Now watch the full version of our short film "You Can't Play With Us"! Click HERE for more info about the making of the film. Made in collaboration with Elephant Quilt Productions.


We are proud to present our debut short film in puppetry, "Hot Air Balloon Animals". Based one one of Leroy's paintings, this 8 min. film uses recycled materials to bring to the life the story of a monster named Merf. Stuck in his monotone world, Merf becomes inspired to embark on a hot air adventure filled with flying unicorns and cloud animals.  Featuring original music by Jacques Duffourc!

"Pesky Laser Bats" is a Leroy's Place painting brought to life with amazing gif animation by Jake Armstrong of Jake Draws.


"The Church" is the first of Leroy's living painting collaborations! For this piece, the painting was completed, then the characters were digitally removed to be re-animated into the scenery. Animation and sound design by James McCrothers.